Olympic track polyurethane

Polyurethane helps Olympic athletes achieve their dreams

Right now in Tokyo, we have brought together the best athletes from all over the globe for a summer of celebration and competition. Polyurethane is present in Japan to support these top athletes and make certain your favorite sports are possible. Here are some ways that polyurethane helps world-class athletes reach their sporting goals.

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Track Field Surface

In years past, track surfaces came in many forms: gravel, dirt, and asphalt. Most track surfaces used today by serious athletes are made from rubber crumbs that have been bonded with a polyurethane adhesive. 09- tracks provide relative springiness, which allows for faster runs. However, they can also cushion runners’ feet and prevent injury to their joints. Polyurethane track systems can withstand high temperatures without becoming sticky or tacky like asphalt tracks. Polyurethane track systems allow rainwater to flow through the track, with the water collecting in an irrigation device below.

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Track and Field Wear

Polyurethane is a well-known component of performance wear, as many readers know. It’s the perfect fit for apparel designed for track and field athletes. The fabric is stretchy, so it moves with the wearer and stays taut. Polyurethane clothing is lightweight and thin, which means that it doesn’t add bulk to the world-class athletes as they strive for excellence.

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The power of polyurethane was on full display in 2008 as the world witnessed its versatility. Swimmers set records in the pool as countries started to incorporate polyurethane into their swimwear. According to swimsuit manufacturers, the suits compress the muscles of swimmers which reduces friction and allows them to move faster in the pool.

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New standards have been established by the bodies that govern various aquatic sports. They regulate how a swimmer’s swimsuit fits and what materials it may contain. Polyurethane remains an important part of these swimsuits and the 25 records that were set in 2005 were accepted.

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Boating Equipment

Polyurethane is often used to protect athletes from the elements when they take to water in boating competitions.  performance polyurethane finishes protect boats exteriors from salt, wind, and water. A boat’s hull can also be encased in rigid polyurethane. This material can be used to improve buoyancy and add weight to all types of boats. Because it is able to absorb water and petrochemicals, polyurethane is a popular material for boats.

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The Mat

What does high jump, Taekwondo and pole-vaulting have in common with jiu-jitsu? They all take place on a mat. You guessed it, polyurethane is likely to be in that mat. Polyurethane is an excellent choice for mats that are used in athletic activities. Polyurethane is flexible and can absorb the impact of falling or tumbling athletes. Polyurethane is also strong enough to withstand repeated impacts from athletes over time.

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